Learn Chinese in Yangshuo

About us

Based on Buckland international educational group (http://www.bucklandgroup.org/), Yangshuo Chinese college is a Chinese language school, located in the heart of, the beautiful, tourist attraction-Yangshuo. Students come from all over the world to study Mandarin with Chinese college, not only because we provide a high standard of teaching, but also because we offer the possibility to travel and volunteer\ teach around China.

We are the recognized TCSOL training provider of the International Association for teachers of Chinese to speakers of other language in Guilin, Guangxi province, which is one of the ways to show our ability and guarantees the quality of our Chinese classes. Our highly, professional teachers speak Mandarin and fluent English We have a variety of programs and activities carefully devised for students of different ages, nationalities and educational backgrounds, focusing mainly on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. However, we also set-up ‘real-life’ scenarios so that the students can practice their Mandarin for everyday use and have Chinese culture lessons so that the students can enrich their knowledge of the country.

The one-off programs fee covers a everything you will need; tuition, accommodation, materials and 24-hour support and assistance from our friendly English-speaking staff. Once you enroll onto the courses with Chinese college, you will have nothing to worry about!

Buckland international educational group sends hundreds of foreign English teachers to teach English in schools of China (http://www.bucklandgroup.org/), learning mandarin will be very helpful both in daily life and teaching, especially after you taking the Chinese course you will find the problems that you meet in learning mandarin happen on your students for them to learn English, and you will learn different means of teaching from the Chinese classes at the same time.

Why us?

Are you bored of the hustle and bustle of city life, or want to have a breath of natural fresh air, or are you curious about diverse cultures and exotic flavors in China? Please come to Yangshuo, a small county in southern China full of what you want. Surrounded by karsts peaks and bordered on one side by the Li River in the 1980s, many foreign backpackers were drawn here by the introduction of the county in the 'Lonely Planet'. Now, the county greets its guests with more charms and attractions. You are welcome to take any Chinese College’s intensive one-on-one programs or the Group Mandarin Classes in China, and we are here to help you learn Chinese/Mandarin fast and efficiently. Learn Chinese in Chinese College. Learn Chinese in Yangshuo, live China another way in Yanghsuo.