Learn Chinese in Yangshuo

Activities on Tomb-sweeping Day

4th of April is Tomb-sweeping Day this year in China, we organized a series of activities: hiking\ picnic\ making dumplings, because Anna’s birthday is around this day, so we celebrated her birthday at the same time.

We got together around 10a.m., began to hike (one hour and a half, can you hang in there????). We were talking and enjoying the scenery of Yangshuo in spring while we were watched by many tourists, most of them praised that Anna was so gorgeous in Hanfu---traditional clothes of Han people (there are 56 ethnic groups in China and Han people is the Majority )… yes, she was the star that day.

We arrived our picnic place with the breeze which mixed with the fragrant of flowers\ grasses\ water in spring on our face, everything was ok expect for “Little fish (the girl in green and blue, you have to see her kungfu from one of the photos)” stepped on two snakes which were mating|||||| 5minutes before we arrived the place.

We settled down with our hearts still in our throats, and brought out the food and fruits we prepared; of course a birthday cake was included. Because there was breeze so we did not light the candles, somebody put some candle in the hair,(won’t tell you who she is)…all hardships on the way there was worthy the moment when we sang ”zhu ni shengri kuai le””Happy birthday to you ” and saw Anna’s smile.

After the lunch we played the game “ Hot dog”, the one who lost were expected to give performance, haha, guess what, another boy and I did a performance together, he sang a Chinese song ”tian mi mi ” and I translated it into English and sang like ”where have I seen, where have I seen you, your smile is so familiar, I struggle to remember… ” and Ross, who is from Australia, with the nick name---Rose, he can do Chinese Kung fu a little which was amazing…laughter and tears down my face when somebody told a cold joke ”once there was a soft sugar and one day, it walks and walks and walks, then it says ”my legs are soft”” ,,oh my God,, save me, don’t just watch me…we sang, we danced and we took many photos, time flew quickly.

Some girls were quite tired from the hiking, guess what, they stopped a tourists’ car and had a ride, ok, I would choose hiking back because the scenery was worthy.

The second day we got up early, well, I got up early to buy the materials that are needed to make dumplings,, poor me, we started at 10 a.m. we were incredibly fast, cause it cost 2 hours for us to prepare\ to make dumplings\ to cook dumplings\ to finish dumplings and to wash the dishes…hahahaha, we did this several times, that was why that we were so fast…I did all the stuffing, Yummy, delicious, Yummy, delicious, Yummy, delicious, Yummy, delicious, Yummy, delicious, no comments,,, hahha