Learn Chinese in Yangshuo

Pick up strawberries

The steps of spring is coming, and this is the right season to go for picking up strawberry, we have found that on the way to Moon hill, there are a lot of strawberry fields on both sides of the road.

We rode a bike there and found a good place to go, after we bargained, the land owner agreed to sell us at the piece of 10RMB/jin on the condition that we cannot eat in the fields. Everybody was given a plastic basket, and to give you two advices: 1\don’t pick up too much, less than 1 jin will be ok, cause this strawberry can go bad so easily that when we got home, it has changed beyond recognition because of the weather and bike riding.2\don’t let others hold you strawberry for you, cause they can drop it on the ground carelessly, and tell you: nothing happened just now with an innocent face.

The pigeon named “xiao er”, she is the school mascot, hehe, a member of us, you can find the evidence of eating strawberry in the field from her beak.