Learn Chinese in Yangshuo


Learn Chinese in Yangshuo

Based on the background of Buckland International Education Group (http://www.bucklandgroup.org/sub/about_us.htm), Chinese college is a Chinese language school, which locates in the heart of the beautiful, tourist attraction---Yangshuo. Students come from all over the world to study Mandarin with Yangshuo Chinese College, not only because we provide a high standard of teaching, but also because we offer the possibility to travel and volunteer around China. Our highly, professional teachers speak standard Mandarin and fluent English, upon the request our teachers can use mandarin or English to teach. Yangshuo Chinese College is also the organizer of TCSOL certificate test. Besides we provide a traditional Chinese environment for our students to help them immerse in Chinese culture and history.    


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Our teachers are experienced Chinese teachers with BA degree and the standard mandarin certificate. We hold teachers’ training (teaching skills\ Chinese cultural courses\ traditional customs. Etc.) each month to make sure that we can do a better job.



Are you still worrying about don't know how to learn four tones and pronounce them correctly? \ don’t understand Chinese cultures\ You still can't get the visa for distress? Chinese college can help you with more than that.


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About Hanfu (Hanbiuk)
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